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About Lydia Vargas, Photographic Artist

Surrounded by mountains and lakes in her Queenstown, New Zealand home, Lydia Vargas' inspiration for art evolved into studying the painting of New Zealand landscapes. After gazing at the distant lake, mountains, clouds, and trees her painting instructor asked her to discuss the light, shadows, hues, color, form and space. At the end of this description, his response was, “Welcome to Your World”. What an epiphany! From that day forward her perception of her world, and your world has never been quite the same.

Her art evolved from creating landscape photography to the creation of fine art portraitures. Today, Lydia’s passion is capturing the emotion and beauty of the moment, your moment, in an artistic photograph. Her greatest artistic satisfaction comes from drawing other’s emotions to surface when viewing her photographic art.

Her main residence is in Bonita Springs, FL with her husband, Mick Needler, who assists her in her work and is an avid supporter of her art.

Lydia is a member of The Professional Photographers Association of America, The Texas Professional Photographers Association, and the Professional Photographers of Southwest Florida. At the Texas School of Photography she studied “The Power of Light” with acclaimed photographer Tony Corbell, “Lifestyle Photography” with Master Photographer, Don MacGregor and “Romanticism” with renowned Photographer Poet Laureate, Arthur Rainville.

"To take photographs is to hold one's breath when all faculties converge in the face of fleeing reality. It is at that moment that mastering an image becomes a physical and intellectual joy. "(Henri Cartier-Bresson)